Spoiler warning!

The Worksheet is pretty detailed and contains spoilers. Like images that will be used in games, parts of script and such (18+ content and stuff that affects major plot twists will be hidden).
If you don’t care proceed to the Worksheet tab.

16 Corona’s Palace, Main Entrance. Making the way to the Throne Room more representative; Making the corridors less tight; Adding reflections on the floor; Adding stairs to lower floors; Changing proporsions of the whole thing.

2 Corona’s Palace Yard. Changing it in order to fit the whole yard into a single location; Trees placements are changed; Some other tweaks.

Reconstruction of Corona Capital Center. Changing the entrance into Corona’s Palace Yard, since with the original mapping part of the yard itself was weirdly cutted out – has to be done now in order to avoid compatibility issues between transfering saves between builds; Adding connection to additional location in future.

70% of the map is redone; Trees placements are changed to make it less piled up.

22 Incorporating the new skills into the game; Constructing skill trees for Lola and Elsa.

2 Adding 42 skills for Lola and Elsa. Took some time to came up with skills that are useful and suited to characters; Trying to balance their stuff to avoid making them too OP. “Trying” is the key-word.
Some more tweaks to improve readability of the skill trees. Available skills to learn are brighter now; The numbers are placed under the icons; Some fixes to make them display above the arrows; Outline opacity is changed to make them more visible.

5 Optimising reputation processing code. Making it less messy, so I won’t have to figure out how this thing works each time I change rep values; Attaching the system to all populated locations.
Unlockable outfit for Rapunzel, Goth Chick.

Incorporating maps into the game; Working on the walking obstacles; Setting up basic events.
Finishing the Daggerhorn Village map.

Adding a back-room to Dorago’s Artifacts Shop.

Remaking “Rapunzel’s room in the palace” map; Tweaking stuff later.

Including the “Polygon” thingie. Basically to occupy the unused space in Skills and Equipment window.

Icons for skills.
 Hired a programmer  Selection cursor behavior on Skills and Equip screens – changing some stuff; bugfixes.
Unlockable outfits for Rapunzel. “Slutty Bimbo”; “Slutty Bimbo – Sleeveless version”; “Altered Classical Outfit”.

 Hired a programmer  Improving selection cursor behavior on Skills and Equip screens. Cursors on inactive sections will be half-visible in order to avoid confusion of not-knowing where are you active.

 Hired a programmer  Adding selection of characters “on the fly” for Equip screen, like in Skill Tree, by adding chibies selection on top. Adapting navigation for mouse and controller; Bugfixes.
 Continued and completed    Hired a programmer  Making serfing on the Skill Tree section more fluent. Bypassing necessity of confirming selection of characters to move to the trees window via keyboard and controller. Making the same for mouse controls.
Rapunzel’s dialogue bust, variation for castle. Recolor, based on “Tangled: The Series”, slightly tweaked.

Rapunzel’s dialogue bust. Dirndl Beer Maiden dress overhaul.

Rapunzel’s dialogue bust. Nude version.

Different variation of Rapunzel’s dialogue bust.

Absorbing knowledge from tutorial series. Levels building.
1  Canceled  Remaking Rapunzel’s dialogue bust.

Adding functionality for Skill Tree, to properly move selection on icons that are not aligned in a single row, using keyboard or controller.
Changing layout of character status info during battles.

Genie’s face for UI during battle. (Was made to complete the list. Won’t be appearing in the next build).
Elsa’s face for UI during battle.
Making a variation for Hades’es face image for UI during battle.
Turning the homepage into worksheet, by changing the layout of listing posts.
Lola’s face for UI during battle.
 Hired a programmer  Fixed an issue which caused different variations of battle portraits not being displayed sometimes.
Fixed an issue due to which HP, MP, SP indicators were not displayed.
 Paused   Hired a programmer  Making serfing on the Skill Tree section more fluent. Bypassing necessity of confirming selection of characters to move to the trees window via keyboard and controller. Making the same for mouse controls.
Hades face for UI during battle; Adding abbility to change the battle picture variation when it needs to.
Ingame timer is frames independent now, showing time spent on the game correctly.
 Canceled  Adding autosaving for each map change. Canceled it, cause it makes the game stutter, killing smooth transition between maps.
Modifying followers behavior while stealthing, making them gather into player’s position and dissapear until the stealth mode’s over. So player wound’t worry about enemies noticing his “tail” of followers behind him, while he sneaks by.
Loading during battle was added.
If you got caught, trying to avoid a battle or trying to perform “attack from behind” maneuver – you won’t have to re-start the game in order to load and try again.
Modifying Skill Tree plugin, to change non-taken skill icons. Instead of lowered opacity they’ll be discolored. Removing “0/1” and “MAX” texts from skills you can’t upgrade.

Screen and skill tree icons for Stealth abbility
Skill’s button doesn’t show up on screen, if you won’t quit the menu right after you aquired it.
8 Test.