Coding Lola

Some time ago, after I poked around in GameMaker Studio 2, I realized that I have to be at least an average coder for this thing to make something that surpasses a work of kindergartner. I sucked at coding. Till then I preferred hiring help, if I came across something difficult. But in case with GMS2 it wasn’t an option, unless I hire help to code the entire game.

But I didn’t give a fuck, I still went for it. You suck at something – learn. And I needed to keep my head busy back then. So I went through various Youtube tutorials, aiming on how to make a platformer with mouse aiming.

I ended up having a base for exactly that, with simple sprites processing that I could adapt for something like this:

Which wasn’t good enough for me. I got a taste of side scrolling shooters, with more complex sprites management; with more expressive running/jumping, with hands that holds weapons more realistically, so I wasn’t settled for less. Either that, or why even do this, if I can do better?

After breaking the theoretical game into elements, I started to think which element is going to be the hardest to do? Since it was my fist game with a lot of the upcoming coding I have to do by myself, I thought that if I’ll handle the hardest shit right from the start, – to be confident that I can handle everything else in the project. Maybe it’s not the best approach, I don’t know, but it seemed reasonable.

After I gave a though to the elements, it was clear that the hardest part will be coding Lola to process her sprites that will display her movememt in the way I want. I desided, that I’ll take 3-5 days to code her, which seemed like a realistic time for a diletant coder like me. if I do not manage in this period, then, probably, I should stop.

I ended up fucking around with her for 2.5 weeks) I spend more time learning how to code, than doing actual coding. I searched so much, Google started to ask me if I’m a bot or something.

The whole thing was tricky. I had to invent ways to “noob” through it, going through dense forest of unfriendly coding environment, that doesn’t like diletants at all! GMS2 gave me so much errors, I thought I’ll break the engine somehow. But then, step by step, this thing started to be more obidient, I began to see clearly where I was wrong at the beggining and how to improve my shit-code now. Then, after a second week I felt like I own this thing. I knew perfectly what’s what in this baby, instead of looking at bunch of variables, thinking how not break something.

All in all it was difficult, but I loved doing the whole thing. Anyway, after places where I worked, it’s a dream job, no matter how hard it gets. So I kept pushing. And after I finished, it was so fucking rewarding! My coding skills upgraded noticeably and GameMaker Studio being very compliant now. Looking at Lola moving just like I wanted, made me feel like a genius) Now her movements adds to the game’s drive, making it more pleasing to the eye.

To be honest, I’ve always seen Lola as a harmless dicks-obsessed cutie, I never imagined her as fighting type of a character, before I start working on my stuff. But, I can’t help it) I like to make games with some action in it, with all that it implies.

I still have a lot of coding to do for this game, I’m sure I have to overcome a lot of head-scrachers for games to come, learning in proccess. And, hopefully, I’ll find this post in future and say: “Oh, yeah, I remember how I shit-code this thing for 2 fucking weeks straight, when I can do it for a day or two right now”. But for now, I feel great, for being stubborn enough to go to beat something huge and unfamiliar, and succeeded)

I won’t recommend this approach though. Starting from smaller things will give you more enjoyment from development, I’m sure. If you give fucks about constant errors more than I do (two weeks, kids!), then frustration will, probably, made you quit. But, nevertheless, you never know what you can do till you try.

I’m back

The details of my absence and plans for the near future are in this post: LINK

In The Works

Preparing shit for my returning.

UPD 13-09-2019: Added E.R.O. Unit Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage.

UPD 17-09-2019: Schedule is cleared, everything is prepared. I’m diving into it tomorrow. Announcement on other social platforms follows.

UPD 24-09-2019: Worked on closing everything I started behind scenes, game development wise, for a non-problematic features showcasing. Announcement is ready, posting it in the morning. It won’t be a video, my mic drove me into a state of a limited mental acuity. 

The Last Jedi


Back to TDLT

I’ll be back developing the game around next tuesday.

Build 2017-09-05

Link for downloading:



– Sex scene with Mavis;
– A few new icons (3);
– New chibies for Lola and Hades during “Farmers hay task”;
– Touching a hip prelude dialogue busts (5);

– Farmers task;
– Function to update old saves;
– “Allowed to have sex” marker is added in Affection Data;
– Sex scene for Mavis;
– Mavis’s “Get sexual with her” option requires at least 2 completed tasks now;
– Touching Mavis’s hip;
– Corrected text from Lyk;
– Saves are now excluded from the build and putted on the website separately so players can export the game in the same directory and not to erase their old saves;
– Number of prisoners at Bounty Hunter’s HQ will decreease during your progress with Kord’s tasks;

– “You have Lola in the party” tip is now displaying the right image;
– Corrected typos;
– Lola’s heal ability is increeased to make it more effective;
– After choosing Kord’s side, you will fight Roth in his tent, instead of Kord and his men;
– Fixed Personality displays for Lola and Rapunzel;
– If you give porn mag to kids it will be removed from your inventory now;
– “Stairs guard” will not going to approach Kord if you re-enter Bounty Hunter’s HQ after taking Roth’s counter-deal;
– Drain SP damage effect is reduced from 10% to 2.5%.


Build 2017-07-28

Link for downloading:



– Redrawn Silene, the slave’s dualogue bust (17) (+ in the robe, naked, displaying her at the sale from the front (2 variants) and from the back);
– New emotions for Hades (2);
– Items (Apple, Bitch’s diary, Woodsman’s wife’s diary).

– Added interactions for Rufus and Silene;
– Added 2 quests: “Get a room for Silene”, “A cure for Silene”;
– If chatting with NPC leads you into proposing to pay for something, a window with amount of your gold appears. The same goes for Dark Enegry spending;
– Added red apples, that being affeced by Red Hood’s perk;
– Added and placed apple trees in some parts of the game’s world, with possibility to gather apples from it;
– Added grilled meat;
– You can train Hades up to level 3;
– Added new magic skill for Hades “Drain SP”;
– Now you can cook meat at the fire place at the Thieves camp.

– Range of clicking on Ladders at Lily’s house, Bounty Hunter’s HQ, Woodsman’s house and Bouncing Pony hotel is now wider;
– Fixed displacing of Woodsman’s dialogue bust if you refering to him for the fist time, without Lola;
– “Daisy’s Father” quest: Fixed bug when Krandus appears again after walking away to talk to his daughter;
– “Daisy’s Father” quest: “Speak to Daisy” objective can be completed now if Lola isn’t in your party;
– “Possessed doll” quest: You can finish “Possessed doll” properly now;
– “Possessed doll” quest: Jerry’s dialogue bust dissappearing after you hit “Not yet” while you talk to him;
– Candies are showing how much HP they can recover;
– Sense of danger close to bridge post won’t activate if you dispelled Rider’s face;
– “Ice sting”, “Sturdy Leather Armor”, “Scout Iron Armor”, “Dark Knight’s Helm”, “Strengthened Wooden Shield”, “Shabby Shield” costs more now;
– You can’t call disabled dialogue choiced by using hot-keys anymore;
– Killing guards at Corona’s bridge posts clears the guards “talk zone”;
– Dialogue options doesn’t cover guard’s bust, after you chosing “Let me through or else” option;
– Farmer on the left is not outside during the night now;
– Mysterious grandma doesn’t re-appear after you answered her questions without Lola;
– Fat Lily’s quest about cat is automaticly being tracked now after you take it with “Trak Question” option being activated.

– Lola’s heart icon popups indicating affection towars Hades is being fixed;
– Dev stuff: Dialogue variants texts are now changing according of number of specific variables;
– Dev stuff: Variable’s dialogue text can move a string on the next line now;
– Compass dissappears now if current objective has no waypoints;
– Ability to change clothes for NPC’s;
– Blured images while you open the menu are removed in order to reduse cache memory overload.


Build 2017-07-10 has been released

Link for downloading:


CHANGELOG (contains SPOILERS!), expand

– Added 11 quests:
Mavis – “Mavis meeting humans”, “A new friend for Mavis”;
Woodsman’s daughter – “Possessed doll”;
Woodsman – “Woodsman’s job”;
Gossiping bitch – “A Diary for a gossiping bitch”;
Krandus, retired warrior – “Daisy’s Father”;
Kord, bounty hunter’s leader – “Bring in an ex-thief”, “Find Pope”, “Eradicate criminal’s hideout”, “Silent the Snake”;
Roth, thieves camp leader – “Hidden sides”.

Other stuff:
– Robber Axeman drawn;
– Mavis in robe;
– Hades angry;
– Lola roll eyes;
– Credits renewed.

– Bounty Hunter’s HQ: Bounty Hunter on the left doesn’t dissapears anymore after interaction with him;
– Crystal mine, Underground river: Lola won’t talk with you if you don’t have her in the team;
– Test Room – Statues Puzzle: Slave trader and Warlord statues won’t move from it’s spots anymore, after you pull the reset lever;
– Interaction with Lola: Right click during “Give her something” options sends you back into interaction choices, instead of giving Lola chocolade;
– If you go back from Alwin’s Tasks options, “I need Crystal” option will not appear again if you already got it;
– Fixed bug that allowed you to get down from the cliff at the cemetery;
– Fixed compas pointing at Marlin’s mission;
– Fixed text that had been blocked by dialogue busts (the one I discovered, anyway);
– Getting of Alwin’s password is more obvious;
– Not every house is allowed for you to wait half of a day in it now.

– Fixed a bug where you entering Lola’s Quipment window instead of Hades’es;
– Night ambient sounds and music are now plays at every non-house localion;
– Cemetery: The bridge is not blocking the path now if you teleported somewhere after crossing it.


Build 2017-07-03 Changelog link


Build 2017-07-3 has been released

and waiting in the downloads.

Next one will come out in a day or two.