Spoiler warning!

The Worksheet is pretty detailed and contains spoilers. Like images that will be used in games, parts of script and such (18+ content and stuff that affects major plot twists will be hidden).
If you don’t care proceed to the Worksheet tab.

53 Re-arranged In-game menu screen to add reputation gauges. Since checking on your rep has importance in the game. Now instead of searching info about your rep in the Journal – you can see the current’s location’s reputation by pressing one key. What are those icons on the bottom will be left for you to figure out.

Enlarging skill icons. Used a website that processes small pictures into bigger ones online, without loosing much quality; Fixed the Skill Tree’s code to make it read bigger icons; Some visual tweaks for placements of numbers and layer order of branch lines.

 Hired a programmer   Paused  Working on a complex “Scroll” scene at the Sky Islands. Constructing its logic; Making animations; Looking up free sounds for the scene; Picking suitable music; Setting up a recently prepared plugin for the scene, that was made by a programmer I hired.

No details of the scene will be disclosed due to major plot spoilers.

Postponed it for later.
 Continued  Completing of implementing logic for the Sky Islands puzzle.

NPC chibi for The Mysterious Guy.

Fixes for dialogue bust of Mother Gothel. Redrawing her hands. Edited shadow and light reflection on her boobs. Fixed linework for some of her facial expressions.

 Continued  Fixes to Windmill maps. Editing shadows, making the wheel rotations more “digestible” to the eye. Rearanging stuff to made more sense with its placement.

Making “Dark Lord’s Vault 2” map. Implementing it in the game. Setting up its logic.

Restoring “Corona’s Castle – Lumber Room” map.

11  Continued  Edits for Reputation Section of the Journal. Cleared a visual bug, improved its code in the game’s data base to fix calculation mistakes again. Tweaked placements of the output information.

5 Implementing interaction icons for cursor. Now every place of interaction will be accompanied with an icon near your mouse cursor, notifying you about nature of an upcomming interaction.

Interaction icons.

1 Unlockable outfit for Rapunzel, Goth Chick. The previous “Goth Chick” outfit was cancelled.

Making “Maleficent’s Hideout” map. Implementing the map into the game. Setting up its logic.

Dialogue bust for Maleficent. Naked version.

Dialogue bust for Maleficent.

4 NPC chibi for The Horned King.

3 Battler for The Horned King.

Dialogue bust for The Horned King.

2 Dialogue bust for Dr. Agnus Bumby.

Making more NPC chibis for Daggerhorn Village.

Making NPC chibis for Daggerhorn Village.

Making chibis for Hunters from Heaven.

Remastered dialogue bust for Andreas.

Marlis. Naked version.

Remastered dialogue bust for Marlis.

Lola’s dialogue bust. Naked version.

Proportion fixes for Lola’s dialogue bust. Correcting the structure of her hands along with it.

Elsa’s dialogue bust. Naked version.

 Continued  Fixing of Elsa’s dialogue bust. To make it closer to anatomically correct proportions.

Implementing “Slime Cave, Left Wing” map into the game. Creating its logic. Finding and editing free sounds for it. Making animations for plot-related events.
Making “Slime Cave, Left Wing” map.

Creating a possibility to teleport main character and his followers to a certain position within a map, without reloading anything.
Implementing “Dark Lord’s Vault” map into the game. Creating logic for the puzzle. Finding sounds for it.
Making “Dark Lord’s Vault” map.

Implementing “Cave In a Hole” map into the game. Adding events and logistics to it. Looking for free sounds for the events.
Making “Cave In a Hole” map.

Making throne room look more like a throne room. Changes the size. Added more stuff, added reflections on the floor. Implemented it into the game.

Making some more NPC chibis for the Docks.

Making NPC chibis for the Docks.

Corona Docks. Making it actually look like city docks. Enlarged the land, the pier. Added ships. Filled the docks with cargo. Aligned all the ships and boats for the game’s grid so they all would be walkable. Added slight transition to City Park on the left. Сoastal fencing was added to the main land. Some other minor edits. Implementing the map into the game.

Constructed a ship from parts and tiles of other RPG Maker based ships. In order to make Corona’s docks more crowded with large ships.

This ship was used as base: LINK
28 Corona’s Palace, Main Entrance. Making the way to the Throne Room more representative; Making the corridors less tight; Adding reflections on the floor; Adding stairs to lower floors; Changing proporsions of the whole thing.

2 Corona’s Palace Yard. Changing it in order to fit the whole yard into a single location; Trees placements are changed; Some other tweaks.

Reconstruction of Corona Capital Center. Changing the entrance into Corona’s Palace Yard, since with the original mapping part of the yard itself was weirdly cutted out – has to be done now in order to avoid compatibility issues between transfering saves between builds; Adding connection to additional location in future.

70% of the map is redone; Trees placements are changed to make it less piled up.

22 Incorporating the new skills into the game; Constructing skill trees for Lola and Elsa.

2 Adding 42 skills for Lola and Elsa. Took some time to came up with skills that are useful and suited to characters; Trying to balance their stuff to avoid making them too OP. “Trying” is the key-word.
Some more tweaks to improve readability of the skill trees. Available skills to learn are brighter now; The numbers are placed under the icons; Some fixes to make them display above the arrows; Outline opacity is changed to make them more visible.

5 Optimising reputation processing code. Making it less messy, so I won’t have to figure out how this thing works each time I change rep values; Attaching the system to all populated locations.
 Canceled  Unlockable outfit for Rapunzel, Goth Chick.