Engineering Hashing Out Pictorial 6

A fun fact

I noticed a thing I’ve made accidentally)
With TDLT, I usually don’t try to match the outdoors with proportions of quarters and caves, but If you combine TDLT’s maps together, the underground tunnel that leads from crypt at the Cemetery to hidden exit at the third map, matches with outdoors by distance almost ideally. +/- 10 walking blocks.

I guess, I’ll try to match other caves with outdoors as well, if there will be more than one exit, why not. To stick to this new accidentally born standard)

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Excellent. When that sort of serendipity strikes, it’s a good sign that you’re getting the fundamentals right.


Not gonna lie, i’m more interested in the loot those caves hide than caves themselves. xD


It’s nice having some map related to the game, like a little bonus.
Keep going, and have a nice day 🙂