AKABUR and his wretched following

TDLT is claiming to be a spin-off/sequel of Princess Trainer. By saying “spin-off” i mean that the story is going to be about new character and his goals, which at first has nothing to do with the original. But it’s basicly a fan-made sequel. The storyline logically continues Princess Trainer Gold’s plot and finishes it.

The TDLT’s narrative treats PTGold’s original story with care in order to not to make plot-holes.

By trying to make CRPG, i’m looking foward to explain how TDLT’s world, started from Akaburs games, can logically exist. I’m not going to make the game treat itself too seriously, but Hades will have an opportunity to learn and understand fundamental origins of the place in a quite logical basis.

At first Akabur’s games looks like something from absurd comedy genre. I mean displaying tits on a streets of arabic city? The He-Man sword, really? How you suppose to work with that using logic? Well, i don’t know, intentionally or not, but actually Akabur covered that with two briefly mentioned things:

1. This charming moment:




For those who didn’t know, the fan’s theory about post-apocalyptic setting in Aladdin’s universe is actually a thing in Princess Trainer (as in Witch Trainer and Magic Shop). It’s a minor detail and presented in the games like nothing big. But it’s explains that the world is more barbaric now, and the mores of sexual suppleness in this place can be more dissolute. And i’d like to play with the story around post-apocalyptic origins a little bit. So, the “The Great Catastrophe” have been considered, and questions like “What the heck are those numerous green-grassed kingdoms doing here?” are logically explained.

2. And Genie’s disobeying act:


You can do everything with the game’s world from here. Although TDLT using this concept only for explaining how “The Great Catastrophe” hit takes place. Beside that, it’s just a starting point for everything that happens in TDLT.

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