Authenticity, parallaxing maps for RPG Maker

While i making maps i’m tryin to keep authentic look of the places. If it’s something canonical from cartoon or something. For example, the Rapunzel’s Hidden Tower location.

Rapunzel’s Hidden Tower from the original picture:


By drawing the sketch i’m trying to keep the terrain’s look as close as possible to original, but also i need to take into account that this is going to be a map for RPG Maker. So it has some strict rules for that and as result, some limitations, wich leads to some deformations. Also my non-existent skills for map-making doing their part.

For texturing the map i’m using texture-images and rpgmaker-tiles from all over the internet. Everything that looks good and makes my work faster. I can even take some layers from the movie itself (take a closer look to the rocks behind the tower). Some of the images may be copyrighted, but the game is free, so who gives a shit.

pict_6_hiddentower_scetch pict_7_hiddentower_parallax_in_process

After playing with a few plugins for river and waterfall animation, we have this:


I know that many PRG Maker developers prefers to use tile-based map editor, integrated into the engine. It has many advantages, like it’s very fast and easy to use. But also it has a huge flaws like you can’t do a complex geometry with tile-based editor. Like Rapunzel’s round place, using tile-edior, the best round-looking room that i can make, would look like that (VX Ace):


Instead of this:


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