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I’ll be back developing the game around next tuesday.

Dec 22, 2017 | Comments: 9


  • Aarón Garrido Ramírez

    Good new, Logan, pretty good news. I’ve been checking this the whole time to see update. Well, I´ll be looking forward to next update, merry christmas man.

    • Logan

      Merry Christman, buddy.

      • ivan histerov

        when the next version will be released ?

  • Warhammer 2nd edition

    Morning Logan. How’s the game coming? I can;’t wait to test newest version 😉

    • Logan

      Hey. It’s coming quite briskly.

      • Warhammer 2nd edition

        Good to hear, take care mate!

  • Warhammer 2nd edition

    Still checking trello, man that ll be masterpiece! When we can keep the premiere? :))

    • Logan

      Thanks, mate!
      I don’t do dates.

      • Warhammer 2nd edition

        Understood :)