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Build 2016-09-8 has been released

Link for downloading:


CHANGELOG (contains SPOILERS!), expand


Sep 10, 2016 | Tags: , | Comments: 9


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  • Abraham Bouvier

    Bug: I clicked on character sheet, then Hades (start of the game, before leaving Rapunzel), and got “Cannot read property ‘manualRun’ of undefined”

    • Logan

      I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  • DarkFizt

    how do you get the 09 8 build the link that is provided just has the the 10 6 build and i tried it out and dosnt seam to have the stuff in the chanelog in this post or am i missing something

    • Logan

      Are you sure, you’re downloading from this page?

      09-8 build is not available anymore due its outdated.

  • Gilga

    Yo, have anyone found Andreas? If so can U pls tell me where is he? I searched but just can’t find the place and changelog is mentioning him.

    • Logan

      Andreas stands near a girl who gave him a blowjob. You won’t miss him if you sticking to the road while you entering the vllage.

      • Gilga

        Found him but all he’s saying is ‘Thank you again, sir.” so i’m guessing this is it for current build. Nvm I can wait, game looks absolutely fantastic Logan. Great work!

        • Logan