Build 2017-07-03 Changelog

– Added 45 maps:
Hotel 2nd floor,
Krandus house,
Woodsman’s Residence,
Woodsman’s Residence 2nd floor,
Bounty Hunter’s HQ,
Bounty Hunter’s HQ 2nd floor,
House with laundry,
Alwin’s Residence,
Alwin’s Residence 2nd floor,
Damcus village East / Crossroad,
Hidden Stash turn,
Road to Feritatem – 1,
Road to Feritatem – 2,
Road to cemetery – 1,
Road to cemetery – 2,
Road to cemetery – 3,
Cemetery mountain cave,
Crypt 2,
Catacombs 2,
Underground river,
Underground river 2,
Hidden Underground Warehouse,
Warehouse Secret Room,
Thick forest,
Dark Lord Test rooms,
Room 1,
Room 2,
Room 3,
Pier, road to Kingdom of Corona capital bridge
Kingdom of Corona Bridge Post,
Thieves Camp,
Roth’s tent,
Storage Tent,
Barely maps: Big tent, Tent1, Tent2, Tent 3
Abandoned Crystal Mine,
Abandoned Crystal Mine Deeper ungerground.

– Drawn 29 dialogue busts and added emotions for them:
Abelard, the Blacksmith (2),
Alwin (18),
Barney, the farmer (2),
Gibson, the farmer (3),
Old boatman (4),
Creepy doll and Jerry (6),
Daisy (12),
Emma, the woodsman’s wife (5),
Lana, the woodsman’s daughter (4),
Manfred, the woodsman (3),
Gerd, the woodsman (6),
Mysterious Granny (6),
Hannah, the gossipy bitch (8),
Jacob, whimpy guy (6),
Jimmy (6),
Kord, the Bounty Hunter’s leader (4),
Krandus, retired soldier (4),
Mavis Dracula (18),
Pope (3),
Guard, posted on the bridge (10),
Red Cult Followers,
Roth (4),
Defeated Roth (1),
Rufus (11),
Silene, the slave (13) + 2 checking her body from front and from the back,
Snake (6),
Some kids (7),
Mavis in bat form in the cage,
Ubel (3).

– New emotions for:
Lola (+ 14),
Hades (+ 11),
Merlin (+1).

– Drawn 144×144 Avatars for non-important NPC’s:
11 thieves,
6 villagers.

– Drawn 52 new items:
4 accessory, 4 armor, 6 helmets, 5 shields, 13 weapons, 3 potions, 3 keys,
4 gifts (box of chocolade, dildo, porn, flowers),
8 quest items (3 crystal keys, Purple Crystal, Dark Lord’s Mark, Mavis in Bat form, Glowing flower, Milled Crystals),
Candies, Grilled meat.

– Drawn 20 new enemies:
3 types of zombies, 2 types of ghouls, a new robber type,
Bounty Hunter, Butch, Corona Guard Cavalier, Red Cult Follower, Ghoul Behemoth, Crystal Golem, Kord, Posessed Water, Roth, Snake, Spider, Wolf, Gert, Jacob, Predator Flower

– Drawn Images for column puzzle.
– Preparing the fast travel map – A little drawing of it.

– Some other little drawings, like icons, pointers, and so on…

– 224 + 33 pages of text for the script are written;
– Added 32 NPC chibis;
– Added “not-so-chibis” graphic for two bosses;
– Added new music (about 5 new track) for locations and fights.
– New events + quests.

– Affection Data: Added a “Personality” button with text block;
– Affection Data: Slight re-design, added perks logic and valuable of the affection;
– Complexity on mouse diagonal pathfinding is nerfed down in order to increase performance;
– Battle screen: Fixed HP gauges bug, where value dropped on “Null”;
– Coin game update – not it has an option where you always can loose for the story, added buttons for interaction with mouse and description window;
– Fixed a bug that crushed the game after you enter “Skills and Equipment” section and press “left” or “right” on a keyboard;
– Compass is dissapearing as it shoud if you take tracking of a quest down;
– Quest-Log showing only 3 first goals now, no matter how many goals is in the quest and scrolls down ones that you completed;
– Journal marks completed goals with different color as well as Quest-Log;
– Added a command that allows to remove compass from the screen and show it back. So I can hide it during sex screen or something like that;
– Same added for the Quest-log window;
– Now “click” sound plays after you clicking on icons at the top-left corner of the screen;
– Added an additional window that I can call during dialogue choices, showing information that I need to clarify (used in the coin game so far);
– New plugin written, that adding Column puzzle in the game and processes it’s logic;
– Now Hades and Lola can have description of their “proffesions” in two rows, when you chosing one of them in the inventory;
– New tag is added that helps to put manually written description in items to bypass restrictions of the engine (used for displaying earlier restricred “SP +100” for Stamina Potion so far);
– Fixed bug that shows black square in the text baloons making it impossible to read;
– Text baloons are now don’t stick at the side of the screen and goes behind the screen borders;
– Fixed a bug where you can’t change music volume after winning a battle;
– States effects during battle (poison, confusion and so on) are now shows higher in order to not overlap characters;
– New vital function for the story is added. That changes look of Hades and Lola in dialogues, Skills, Inventory sections and battles, after Hades puts on new uniform and Lola starting to wear adventurer cape;
– Now Lola stands in defense pose if you giving her “Guard” command;
– Lola’s healing spell can harm undead now;
– Added a possibility to accidentally heal an enemy, watch with what you clicking;
– Lola’s “Lovestruck” spell dosen’t affect non-organic foes and undead now;
– Lola’s normal attack includes additional magic damage;
– Feature that shows steps order during battle is now working for Lola too, if she’s partisipates;
– Some bug fixes for steps order feature;
– Now item images, that you can see at the inventory, shows in shops as well;
– While you looking at the item in a shop screen and if you already have this item – you can see a number how many do you have;
– Added an icon for that, instead of “Possetion” word;
– Fixed and issue that showed possetion of an item in inventory like it doing in shops;
– In the steps order, both Hades and Lola are now stands out from the line when it’s their turn to move;
– Changed size font of “A, B…” letters in steps ordes portraits;
– Fixed vital bug when you can’t select a party member from “Skills and Equip” window after you choose him and closed the window;
– Added condition function in items description in order to dependially change it’s description during the game (used for Red Hood’s perk that affects red colored heal items);
– Achievements screen re-desing;
– Recoding of achievement plugin in order to change it’s fonts size for specific lines;
– Achievements works with 48×48 px icons now;
– Removed “Reward” phrase from Journal, processing logic of this part was returned if for it’s probably use in the future;
– Now quests that you can’t complete in the current build marked with icon and according text;
– If you can’t complete a quest, it shows a little icon at the corner of Quest-Log and it was done in Journal with big one;
– Major change for “Skill and Equipment” screen. Now “Attack”, “Defense” “Agility”, “Luck” was moved left and changed by it’s font size. To leave space for values that shows parameters summary that your equipment provides;
– Values of your equipment summary now displayed with different color;
– Changes in MOG’s sensor plugin that can allow a NPC to react on you differently after he sensed you. Used for “Catch 10 rabbits” achievement so you don’t have to kill a rabbit in order to gain achievement score, after you catch the animal;
– New side menu was added, that shows new icons. Fixed some issues in it;
– Some tweaks in Fast Travel plugin to change it’s calculations considering found portals;
– Mavis window was added in Affection Data;
– Terrax Lightning plugin tweaks in order to change shading strengh;
– New plugin written that changes music and ambient sound that cycling during night;
– Changed chibies speed walking animantion to match RPG Maker VX Ace standards;
– Some events graphic dosen’t reacts on night darkness now (used for displaying lights on windows at the village during night);
– Events graphic that dosen’t reacts on night won’t overlap icons at the top-left corner;
– New plugin written for a Mavis’es quest logic considering constructing her greetings replic (quest isn’t implemented in the game yet);
Some tweaks to optimize the game for engine 1.5.0 update:
– A little preloading plugin tweak to optimize it for 1.5.0 enginne update;
– Choises are now displaying graphic which was broked due 1.5.0 update;
– Achievement menu displays icons now;
– Side menu displays icons now too;

– Now gained achievements popups at the right-bottom corner of the screen, displaying the achievement’s icon;
– Added a sound to achievements popup.
– Items attributes shows in red color now if it’s lowers some of your parameters.

– Other minor and not so minor tweaks.

Changes/additions that wasn’t implemented by coding:

– Constructing animation for Lola’s spells. Adding sounds for it;
– Red Hood’s perk effect is implemented;
– Now you can load from the Game Over sreen;
– Added MOG Hunter’s boss HP gauge plugin;
– Different sounds for clicking and going back in menus. New buzzer sound;
– Different equip slots for Lola and Hades;
– Night time for each non-house and non-cave map was set;
– Now you can turn off tips;
– Now you can turn off automatic Quest-Log appearance;
– Added effect that warns you about a danger ahead;
– Added achievements: “Catch 10 rabbits”, “Sex Law Origins”, “Find all the stashes in Damcus village”, “Kill all of the Undead at the Cemetery during night”;
– Night/Day toggle,
– Interaction with Lola is implemented:
Giving her commands,
Giving her presents,
Asking what she thinks about all of the maps,
Asking what she thinks about someone.
– Fast Travel function;
– Lights at Damcus village, thieves camp and corona bridge are now glow and producing light during night time;
– Hotel provides a place for a sleepover now that heals and refreshes your party entirely;
– Quick replics are now displaying in comic baloons;
– If an NPC provides more than 1 quest, they’re listed in a NPC’s “Tasks” option now;
– Undeads are twice stronger at night;
– A new sound of finding a secret location is added;
– Some fighting balance fixes;
– Windows at Hotel and Bounty Hunter’s HQ don’t glow with sunlight during night time;
– Battle screen: Bosses don’t display it’s HP in a little gauge like ordinary enemies due his personal boss HP line at the top of the screen;
– You can save the game in Fat Lily’s house now;
– Edges of maps that you can’t cross are now marked with a floating icon;
– The same icon marks every option in dialogues that isn’t implemented in the build yet;
– Puzzles in the Test Rooms are simplified;
– Some changes in maps for easier navigation.

– Some other minor changes.

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