I made a thing Release 14

Build 2017-09-05

Link for downloading:



– Sex scene with Mavis;
– A few new icons (3);
– New chibies for Lola and Hades during “Farmers hay task”;
– Touching a hip prelude dialogue busts (5);

– Farmers task;
– Function to update old saves;
– “Allowed to have sex” marker is added in Affection Data;
– Sex scene for Mavis;
– Mavis’s “Get sexual with her” option requires at least 2 completed tasks now;
– Touching Mavis’s hip;
– Corrected text from Lyk;
– Saves are now excluded from the build and putted on the website separately so players can export the game in the same directory and not to erase their old saves;
– Number of prisoners at Bounty Hunter’s HQ will decreease during your progress with Kord’s tasks;

– “You have Lola in the party” tip is now displaying the right image;
– Corrected typos;
– Lola’s heal ability is increeased to make it more effective;
– After choosing Kord’s side, you will fight Roth in his tent, instead of Kord and his men;
– Fixed Personality displays for Lola and Rapunzel;
– If you give porn mag to kids it will be removed from your inventory now;
– “Stairs guard” will not going to approach Kord if you re-enter Bounty Hunter’s HQ after taking Roth’s counter-deal;
– Drain SP damage effect is reduced from 10% to 2.5%.


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Aarón Garrido Ramírez
Aarón Garrido Ramírez

Hey,Logan,I´ve been playing all your releases for a long time and I found some bugs,or problems,and I´ve also came up with some ideas and questions.Lets begin: Bugs: -In previous builds I found a problem with achievements.I had completed 2 of them,the zombie and rabbits ones,and when I loaded my safe they were gonne,as well as the zombies,so I couldn´t make it. -In this build I found out that when you betray the bounty hunters,you can´t go back to the second floor,as a bounty hunter(that it is not there)tells you that it is restricted. Questions: -I have tried through all builds… Read more »


Thanks for the detailed report, I’ll deal with the issues at some point.

With regard to the questions:
– The third stash is located at the right-bottom corner of the village map;
– Nymph’s story connected with the sex slaves farm. She will be available after I get my hands on building it;
– Rapunzel walks away to see the lanterns on her own soon after you leave her;
– Tavern is not available at the moment;
– Weapons and gear will be very expensive soon after in the game. Having this amount of money is justified.

Aarón Garrido Ramírez
Aarón Garrido Ramírez

Ok,thanks for answering.I though that the Rapunzel dissapearence might be due to her leaving to the lanterns,but I wasn´t sure. I came up with some more questions as I was getting the third stash and exploring around: -Does the rabbit at the very beggining of the game have any importance?Does anything change if you free it or if you kill him?At first I though it had something to do with the nymph. -The cheat menu in the options menu,is just for Patreons?Is it possible to get the cheats?Or they are unavaliable at the moment? I think that is all for… Read more »


Thanks a lot, Aaron!

– The rabbit will affect some events in future;
– The cheat menu can’t be used for now.


when will you update dark-lords ?


hey, i’m having a problem where the story automatically skips. Does anyone else have that problem?


If i tap space it stops clicking, but if i go out of the game it stats again.


The story skips if you hold “Enter” or “a mouse button”. If you go out of the game and it starts again when the game.exe is selected, it sounds like your “Enter” key is stuck.

ivan histerov
ivan histerov

Where is the new version ? homosexual, fag


It’s funny game 2017-09-05 year when will update game not finalized ?


Heyo logan..i just found out about this game & i really loving it, great job. so i was wondering if the game are still in progress? because i can’t wait to play the full version of it..