Category: Coding

Re-arranged In-game menu screen to add reputation gauges. Since checking on your rep has importance in the game. Now instead of searching info about your rep in the… Continue
Creating a possibility to teleport main character and his followers to a certain position within a map, without reloading anything.
Some more tweaks to improve readability of the skill trees. Available skills to learn are brighter now; The numbers are placed under the icons; Some fixes to make… Continue
Optimising reputation processing code. Making it less messy, so I won’t have to figure out how this thing works each time I change rep values; Attaching the system… Continue
Improving selection cursor behavior on Skills and Equip screens. Cursors on inactive sections will be half-visible in order to avoid confusion of not-knowing where are you active.  
Adding selection of characters “on the fly” for Equip screen, like in Skill Tree, by adding chibies selection on top. Adapting navigation for mouse and controller; Bugfixes.
Adding functionality for Skill Tree, to properly move selection on icons that are not aligned in a single row, using keyboard or controller.
Adding autosaving for each map change. Canceled it, cause it makes the game stutter, killing smooth transition between maps.
Modifying followers behavior while stealthing, making them gather into player’s position and dissapear until the stealth mode’s over. So player wound’t worry about enemies noticing his “tail” of… Continue
Loading during battle was added. If you got caught, trying to avoid a battle or trying to perform “attack from behind” maneuver – you won’t have to re-start… Continue