Category: Pictorial

Fixes for dialogue bust of Mother Gothel. Redrawing her hands. Edited shadow and light reflection on her boobs. Fixed linework for some of her facial expressions.  
Fixes to Windmill maps. Editing shadows, making the wheel rotations more “digestible” to the eye. Rearanging stuff to made more sense with its placement.  
Making throne room look more like a throne room. Changes the size. Added more stuff, added reflections on the floor. Implemented it into the game. Before: Now:  
Constructed a ship from parts and tiles of other RPG Maker based ships. In order to make Corona’s docks more crowded with large ships. This ship was used… Continue
Corona’s Palace, Main Entrance. Making the way to the Throne Room more representative; Making the corridors less tight; Adding reflections on the floor; Adding stairs to lower floors;… Continue
Rapunzel’s dialogue bust, variation for castle. Recolor, based on “Tangled: The Series”, slightly tweaked.