Category: TDLT

Re-arranged In-game menu screen to add reputation gauges. Since checking on your rep has importance in the game. Now instead of searching info about your rep in the… Continue
Fixes for dialogue bust of Mother Gothel. Redrawing her hands. Edited shadow and light reflection on her boobs. Fixed linework for some of her facial expressions.  
Fixes to Windmill maps. Editing shadows, making the wheel rotations more “digestible” to the eye. Rearanging stuff to made more sense with its placement.  
Implementing interaction icons for cursor. Now every place of interaction will be accompanied with an icon near your mouse cursor, notifying you about nature of an upcomming interaction.
Creating a possibility to teleport main character and his followers to a certain position within a map, without reloading anything.
Making throne room look more like a throne room. Changes the size. Added more stuff, added reflections on the floor. Implemented it into the game. Before: Now:  
Constructed a ship from parts and tiles of other RPG Maker based ships. In order to make Corona’s docks more crowded with large ships. This ship was used… Continue
Corona’s Palace, Main Entrance. Making the way to the Throne Room more representative; Making the corridors less tight; Adding reflections on the floor; Adding stairs to lower floors;… Continue
Some more tweaks to improve readability of the skill trees. Available skills to learn are brighter now; The numbers are placed under the icons; Some fixes to make… Continue
Optimising reputation processing code. Making it less messy, so I won’t have to figure out how this thing works each time I change rep values; Attaching the system… Continue