Q: Your english is bad. Should we expect better language in the game?
A: Games text will be checked by editor who speaks english properly.

Q: Under what license you distribute your games?
A: TDLT is a homemade project. It’s free, open-sourced and i’m not selling it in any way.
First verion of E.R.O. Unit will be free as well. Then it’s whatever license Steam will require.

Q: Are you the author of every art in your games?
A: That is the case for E.R.O. Unit.

For TDLT backgrounds in battles and some visual effects was given by default with RPG Maker MV.
For making locations I may draw something here and there, but mostly they’ve been constructed of Rpg Maker’s tilesets I found or bought, and various texture-images from all over the internet.
Everything else is drawn by me.
If you’re author of some tilesets and you feel yourself left out – email me, we’ll figure this out.

Q: What shouldn’t be expected from the content you make?
A: I don’t draw underage porn. All characters I sexualize are 18 and older, even if specified otherwise anywhere. I consider making my content as making vulgar jokes. I use characters for parody purposes.