Q: Your english is bad. Should we expect better language in the game?
A: The game’s text will be checked by editor who speaks english properly.
Q: Under what license you distribute your game?
A: This game is a homemade project. It’s free, open-sourced and i’m not selling it in any way.
Q: If you’re using MV, why the tiles and chibis looks like they’re from RPG Maker VX?
A: Despite that i like MV engine, i don’t like how enlarged maps and chibies of MV looks. Also the time of developing does matter. In my case, where MV’s graphic standarts eat at least a week of job, VX takes just a day or two.
Q: Are you the author of every art in the game?
A: Backgrounds in battles and some visual effects was given by default with RPG Maker MV.
For parallaxing locations i may draw something here and there, but mostly they’ve been constructed of Rpg Maker’s tilesets and various texture-images from all over the internet.
Everything else was drawn by me.
If you’re author of some tilesets and you feel yourself left out – email me, we’ll figure this out.