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i wish you the best of luck! cheers!


I was thinking about you and TDLT some days ago and I’m happy to see you again. I wish you everything will get better. I’m eager to see what will come.
(and as I offered about a year ago if you’re interested in a french localization feel free to ask, I would be happy to! But no need to rush, take your time ^^)

PS: thank god lord Akabur pointed out you’re back, else I wouldn’t have noticed


Wish you the best of luck for what’s next to come in your life.

I am so excited for your comeback, the new game, the comics, The DLT’s upcoming Rapunzel’s Arc…

Coming every month seeing if there were news since last year did pay after all 🙂 Your return is the highlight of the year in Adult Video Games since you’re the only one with good plot, characters and funny way of storytelling.