Informing 8

In The Works

Preparing shit for my returning.

UPD 13-09-2019: Added E.R.O. Unit Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage.

UPD 17-09-2019: Schedule is cleared, everything is prepared. I’m diving into it tomorrow. Announcement on other social platforms follows.

UPD 24-09-2019: Worked on closing everything I started behind scenes, game development wise, for a non-problematic features showcasing. Announcement is ready, posting it in the morning. It won’t be a video, my mic drove me into a state of a limited mental acuity. 

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Holy shit… I wasn’t expecting this. Honestly, I’ve been checking this site mostly out of habit for a while now. Looking forward to new content, and I’m glad to see you haven’t actually abandoned this.


Oh man, I have been waiting since you left this world! It is nice that you are back and you said that you were working with somebody else. Who did you work with and on what?


Wow! I’m happy to see, that you’re back!
After a long time of no news I’ve thought, that something really bad had happened to you. I’ve tried to ask Smersh and he asked Akabur and he spread the question, but there were no proof of life.
Please post a short “I’m out now!” the next time – hopefully there isn’t any! 😉
I can’t wait for your new content!
Good luck!


Fuck yes. Would be a shame if another game with great potential died.
And honestly, i like your style Logan.