Engineering 2


pict11_bust_lolagif_lola_frontThese events will be happening in the beginning of the game, so this is not going to be much of a spoiler. Soon after you encounter Merlin the wizard, this little slut can be your companion for the whole game. Which is pretty much makes her the second main character of the story.

I planned a bunch of quests relating to Lola, all of them, exept one, will not be triggered as active if you’ll decide to leave her in the village. At the time being she’s the only character whose affection meter towards Hades increases by watching his actions and choices in someone else’s dialogues. So, if you planning sexin’ her, you won’t be able to do it, if she’s not around.

Lola is a very opened girl for sex and if we going to stick with her personality, she doesn’t really requires any affection from her side to fuck a guy like Hades. But she’s not going to jump on his cock, because of the spoilers. And having sex with her gives you a very valuable perk, so the game needs a player to work for it.

Also because of the spoilers she’s a beginner mage now. Being a good healer, Lola is pretty useful in battle right from the moment you got her. My advise is not to pass on her and start leveling her skills up as soon as possible.


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Will we meet Lola in the next build?