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Lola’s battle animation

Oct 30, 2016 | Tags: , | Comments: 7


  • Providus

    Great game dude!

    • Logan

      Thanks, man.

      • Dragon97king .

        kind of wondering did u make a game before this or is this your first game and if it is looks damn good for a first game

        • Logan

          If you meaning complete games – i made two non-erotic puzzles for flash. But most of the expirience I had from making mods for different games and diggin’ into map editors.

  • RedDragonX

    Hey Logan I just found out about this game and tried it I gotta say it’s a pretty amazing start with amazing artwork and a great premise I can’t wait for the next build to enjoy the game even more

    • Logan

      ^_^ Thank you for your kind words, RedDragon!

  • Chaosdragon

    Hi Logan
    I found your game not long ago and I loved it
    I’m just wondering you still working on game ? It’s been so long since last update