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The first build

The first build is ready, you can download it here:

I finished with setting the HUD sections, battle system and basic game mechanics. From here updates finally going to be mostly about content (new levels, enemies, items and continuation of the story, etc.).

Now back to work…

Jul 16, 2016 | Tags: , | Comments: 9


  • Klyts

    Man you nailed it, it looks awesome ! But…what is available in this first draft ? Is it only “the blond girl”, the nymph and the “group of guys” ? I just need to know if I’ve seen everything, it’s not a complain !

    • Logan

      Thank you, man) Yes, beside rabbit and stuff, that’s pretty much it for that build.

      • Klyts

        Ok thanks for the quick reply, you rock ! Keep up the good work ! (sweet art style btw)

  • Blank

    Not a lot of content but it is in early development so for what you’ve done so far it’s a pretty great game. Is the rabbit event made for some kind of moral system?

    • Logan

      Avoiding spoilers, let’s just say, moments like that may or may not affect something later on.

    • Raziel

      If you read the description of the rabbits pelt it says “The skin of an animal.Valuable for tailors and a declaration of war to pixies” also when you kill the rabbit you see a pixie fly away. I assume that we will meet tinkerbell in the near future and this will determine how she will react to you

  • hellfire

    not sure if just me or what but once out of rapunzels tower where do you go next? i followed path to rocks but nothing seems to happen. is that all there is or is it not loading next part correctly?

    • hellfire

      nvm its buggy as hell but i found if i activate quest i can go to 2nd area, can to go back though.

      question is there anyway to deal with nymph in current demo or is her transformation as far as it goes for now?

      • Logan

        Thank you for pointing that out, I’ll fix the problem with the map transferring via keyboard in the next update.

        Yes, that’s it for nymph in the current build.