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The Last Jedi


Feb 10, 2018 | Tags: , | Comments: 7


  • JakeTheDoggo

    She counts as disney now, you should put her in

    • DJ koss

      should he add marvel too? disney has the rights over them….

      • Logan

        I’m not fixated only on Disney) And I don’t like Rey enough to write something about her.

  • Natan Leal

    How is the development of the game going along? Is it abandoned or still being worked on? Long time since any news where droped.

    • Logan

      The work is still going. Circumstances torn me away from work for a little bit, but it’s fine now.

      • Natan Leal

        Good to know, this is one of the few games that escape the fixated choices from others, keep the good work.

  • Yellow shirt guy

    rip logan